Blue light – Yet another risk for your eyes?

Blue light – yet another risk for your eyes?

Smartphones, tablets, flat screens, LED lights, fluorescent lamps, Xenon- /& LED spotlights… Those are all sources of short wavelength blue light, that lie just above UV light waves. Repeated exposure of our eyes to this kind of light is a long term risk according to recent medical research. Because this kind of light carries a high level of energy, it is considered to potentially damage several layers of our retina and is therefore also partially the cause of various eye symptoms.




Protection from the blue light

The Optometry profession is aware of the damaging risk of blue light to the eye and can therefore offer a range of protective measures against blue light. Most providers have the protection implemented on the top specular reflection (digital speculation reflection). This can cause quite strong blue rest reflections, which can be irritating for some people. A better solution is being offered by providers who integrate the protection onto the lens material. This allows a more natural end specular reflection.


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Not only secure

A welcome side effect of this protection against blue light is also noticeable when driving at night. While the eyes seem to be able to relax more during work in front of a screen, it also seems to help drivers avoid being blinded by headlights of other cars. This results in driving at night being less tiring for the driver and therefore he/she will feel more secure.


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Better sleep

To be able to fall asleep we need a hormone called melatonin, which helps to slow our metabolism. Unfortunately blue light interferes with the secretion of melatonin and therefore hinders the process of falling asleep. This worsens if reading before bedtime done on a smartphone or tablet. First try setting the phone/tablet on night mode. Some devices have a option of choosing warm white light. And as an additional protection you should opt for a blue light filter on the lenses of your glasses. As a nice addition this also comes with a 100% UV protection.


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