Children’s glasses

Children’s glasses

Kinderbrillen für 180,-

Children’s glasses need to be robust, light, flexible and nickel-free, as well as provide a good UV-protection. But all this should come at a reasonable price.

Find below children’s glasses with no initial cost:




Children are supposed to play and by doing so, things can go wrong. Please make sure your child has an extra pair of glasses just in case…


Light & flexible


The glasses should feel comfortable from the beginning. They shouldn’t have pressure points, nor should they slip off easily. This ensures you that your child is wearing the glasses throughout the day and therefore that their vision can develop as expected.


NickelfreiKein Nickel

Most of the metal frames for kids glasses contain artificial colours, varnishes and even Nickel. In addition to that, the metal nose piece can cause painful pressure points on the sensitive, small nose. Therefore we rather recommend you buying a light and elastic synthetic pair of glasses made from TR-90-Material.



Children’s eyes are particularly sensitive to UV-rays. Nowadays even standard synthetic glasses without tinting are luckily providing a good protection against UV. If you want to be absolutely sure, choose a UV400 protection for the glasses.




Children are almost blind at birth, but the development of their vision system (eye – optic nerve – brain) is impressive. The first few years in life are crucial for the eye sight. If a vision impairment isn’t detected and corrected within the first few years, the impairment could become permanent. If you have any arousing concerns take your child to have a check up with an eye specialist (possibly specialising in children’s eyes) and then make sure that your child is comfortable wearing the prescribed glasses.

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