Extremely precise eye examination using 3D-technology

The 3D-precision-eyesight test

When you hear “eyesight test” you immediately think about the board with the “E’s”in a doctors office pointing in different directions. This board is still a tool to roughly test your far-sightedness.

But eyesight examinations are also being offered (often for free) by many qualified optometrists. A 3D-precision eyesight-test demands a high level of knowledge about the eye as an organ. It is also vital to use the latest technology to test the eyesight.

Newest technology, the highest precision for eyesight tests

Traditionally you test each eye separately, the right eye first, then the left one. The 3D-precision-eyesight test from Paskal allows a natural approach with both eyes open throughout the entire test. This happens with circular polarisation, a 3D-television, a 4K-AppleTV, an iPad Air and as well as a specialized computer program. Everything is tested:

Strength of the lens, movement of the eye, lack of peripheral vision, sensitivity to contrast, sight of colors, binocular vision, 3D-vision and subjective reading aid.


A new experience in 3D

The eyesight test is carried out on a big 3D-TV. The circular polarisation allows both eyes to naturally be relaxed throughout the entire examination. Different background sceneries, such as hot air balloons, cute cats or dogs, help to keep your eyes stay curious and wondering what to expect next. All in all this makes the eyesight test with its colorful and fascinating three-dimensional pictures a magical and enjoyable experience.


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