Eye optics precision

Eye optics precision

Pure precision

In 2018, „Schöne Brillen and Professional Optometry”  introduced the 3D-precision test. Since then, hundreds of clients have been impressed with it and have rated the test and the company’s professional competence with a top rating of 4.74/5.0. The next step to precision in eye optics, of which especially contact lens wearer will profit, was taken at the beginning of 2020.

Latest technology

The oculus keratograph measures the cornea to the highest precision, thanks to 22’000 measuring points with three different spotlights. This results in a resolution of a hundredth of a millimeter. All the measurements are then being processed by a special computer program. The measurements are fast, contactless and are processed automatically. This allows for a high reproduction rate. Thus, the optometrist has the possibility to compare individual measurements over the years and therefore identify possible irregularities (like keratokonus).


Keratograph measurement

Every eye is different

Precise measuring of irregularities in the eye and the cornea are key for the correct adjustment of contact lenses. Even with simple daily and monthly contacts there is a vast variety of products: producers, lens types, materials, basic curves, flattened edges, diameter and strength of the lenses. With specialized lenses (like night vision lenses, post OP, keratoconus, hard lenses, hybrid lenses) there are even more parameters to be added.


Wellenfrontanalyse digital
frontal wave analysis

The new Oculus Keratograph doesn’t only make a precise adjustment of the lenses possible, but also allows monitoring for possible changes of the cornea in the future. It also analyses the layer of tear fluid, with makes the cooperation between optometrists and eye specialists easier.

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