Reducing glare whilst driving

Reducing glare whilst driving

Low standing sun

Studies of the ACE show that 64% of all accidents caused by the weather, are due to the low standing sun. Fog, snow, icy roads and rain are making up the rest of the causes. The sun is particularly tricky in the autumn because of the small angle it has at that time of the year. Often this is accompanied by wet roads, which reflect the light and therefore blind the driver even more. Here a polarised, high-quality pair of sunglasses can be very helpful.

Blendungen im Verkehr

At an average speed of 50 km/h being blinded for just 1 second, equals a “blind trip” of 14 meters! – Scary!

Blinded in the evening

Blendungen am Abend

Drive safely with RoadSafe glasses from Optiswiss (Basel)

In the dark, during fog or rain your sight can be impacted by many kinds of blinding factors. The modern, bright headlights are making matters for certain drivers even worse. No wonder, many mainly elderly people decide to only drive during the daytime. The RoadSafe lenses are configured in such a way that they provide a wide vision scale and the RS protective layer additionally minimises the blinding. To increase the effect you can add a night vision contrast color to the lenses.

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