About us, mission and values

Our mission is to combine “Beautiful glasses ”&“ Professional optometry” in an extraordinary atmosphere

Liisa Puhakka, Visualistin und Unternehmerin mit Esa Puhakka Dipl Augenoptiker und Optometrist FH (Bsc) a

Liisa Puhakka

Visualist & entrepreneur

Esa Puhakka

Certified eye specialist and Optometrist FH (Bsc)

Our values

Highest level of quality

The quality we offer has to be seen, felt and experienced.”


We advise our clients in the same manner as we advise our friends, and we always offer the best individual solution. No more and no less.”


We keep our promise. That’s how we were raised in our home country, Finland; you can only lose someone’s trust once.”


We do all our craftsmanship in store in front of our customers. Since we have nothing to hide.”


Data security is key to us; we save sensitive customer data on our own servers, and the data gets destroyed once no longer needed. In regard to the environment we try to firstly avoid rubbish and secondly we separate and recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and organic waste.”

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