Eyelid care with dry eyes

Eyelid care

  1. Warming up the eyelids

  • Remove contact lenses (where applicable)

  • Remove make-up

  • Warm up the eyelids with a 45° Celsius heated cloth to a mask. This will enable the softening of the blocked Meibom glands around the lids



2. Opening the blocked Meibom glands

  • Close your eyes and massage the eyelids softly from top to bottom and from bottom to top

  • Repeat the massage from side to side

  • Gently press a damp cotton bud for 4-5 seconds on the right corner of the eyelid, then move the cotton bud 2-3 mm along the lid and repeat the process until the full length of the eyelid has been treated. Don’t forget the corners, please.


Massage als Lidpflege

3. Cleaning

  • Cleaning of the eyelids should be done with a specific eye cleansing fluid, preferably without any fat dissolving component

  • Apply the same massage technique as in step 2. This enables the eyelid to profit from the lubricant on the opened glands

Reinigung als Lidpflege

4. Lubrication

  • As the last step in the process, apply a high-quality fattening cream


5. Conclusion

The treatment of the eyelids is an easy task to learn, and you will feel the results of it within a few weeks. Your eyes won’t be as itchy and irritated anymore, the rims of the lids won’t be as swollen and red and the eyes are less likely to get infected. I recommend that you treat your eyes every morning (before putting on any make-up). This also prevents future eye problems.


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